Sunday, December 7, 2008

Waiting on the Lord

I must tell you this: within ONE hour of updating my last post, the entire situation of "turmoil" to which I referred last post had totally resolved. All is well once again. At least, until the next time Satan decides to pester push my buttons again. And he will, of course. He knows what gets to me, and he does it frequently (gets to me, I mean). BUT, there is One... "He knows my name. He knows my every thoughts. He sees each tear that falls, and hears me when I call." If God is for us, who can be against us?

Plug time again: don't forget to donate to the Rebel for a Cause on the right. Worthy causes, all. And most people can spare $10 for a really worthy cause. The total is up to almost $10,500 as we speak (Sunday afternoon). Excellent!

My 16 yr. old informs me that I should be mentioning my children in my blog - after all, why not? They may make me famous, some day! So here goes: our first mention of not-so-small-fry will be about the last-born: her given name shall remain anonymous. We shall refer to her as Her Royal Highness, the Queen. She is smart, clever, funny, sarcastic, and empathic. She also has NO tolerance for her mother's trying to be any of the above - even though she got all of those characteristics from her mother. Example: I work for the local school system, in Special Education. I work directly with kids "from the 'hood" some of whom are true hoods. But, when I try to be funny & "throw down a gang sign" HRH informs me "Throwing down a gang sign? You look like you've got Tourette's Syndrome." Nice. VERY respectful. Such a sweet child. But she comes by it honestly, I'm afraid - although I've grown out of such sarcasm.

So, there you have it: the first installment of introductions of my NSSF (not-so-small-fry). Have a great day, and celebrate the Child!

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