Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Beatles got it Right

Happy Birthday to me..... etc.

No, I'm NOT that shameless to go asking for birthday wishes! It's just that today, at work, I wished I was dead. There. I said it. I'm doing the best I can & it's not enough, and it's gotten me down. Plus, it really is my birthday.

So what happened to ease my mood? My sweet husband delivered an orchid plant, PLUS a box of Godiva chocolates to me, THEN made me eat 2 chocolates. He said I needed serotonin right away - who am I to argue?

Later, when I got to a school for the second time today, there was a "cup" of coffee waiting on me - a large Latte w/ nonfat milk, sugar-free cinnamon syrup, and lots of taste. Hubby comes through again. Oldest son, aka Big Blue Eyes, and his girlfriend snuck over to the school & left a bouquet of flowers & a "nun-grater" card on my windshield (I'll have to find it online & post it).

I get home (none too soon, let me assure you), and have over 37 birthday wishes on my Facebook wall. One of them was a youtube link to Paul McCartney singing the Beatles' Birthday Song! All these things have "worked together for good" to make me feel ever so much better, and just a little bit hopeful that this too shall end.

Have a great day for me & don't let the turkeys get you down :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Giveaway winner

Ok, well, has done its work: with 12 comments/entries, the winning number chosen was #2. Congratulations to Meg! Hopefully, there will be more giveaways coming our way, so please check back often.

Thanks to all of you for reading, and have a GREAT weekend!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Review and a Giveaway

(Update) Comments are now closed. I've chosen a winner & am waiting for their response. IF I don't receive one w/in 48 hours, I'll draw another one. As soon as I verify the winner, I'll let you know.

This is a collection of firsts: my first ever review of a product, my first ever free thing I've received as a result of blogging, and my first ever giveaway!

There is a site created and run by Christian women, all of whom I greatly admire, and all of whom I'd love to be best friends with. The site is (in)courage, and they have a section of their site, called (in)spired deals, which is where this review comes in. They sent me this really cool set from the Mr. & Mrs. Love Collection Set from DaySpring, another excellent Christian site. SO, what did I get? ALL THIS!!!(All these photos are mine - none were -jacked from DaySpring)
If it's possible for something to be uber-cute and still not be foo-foo, these fit the bill. The mugs are 10-11 oz. if filled to just under the Bible verse:
The Mr. & Mrs. mugs are similar, but different enough that you won't confuse yourself, if you're grabbing one pre-caffeine!
And once you've finished your hot tea (for me) or coffee, there's a little reminder to show you what it's all about:

But, wait! That's not all! In this set (should you choose to purchase) you also get a coupon book, useful for many different occasions.

I've been through the entire coupon book, and, while it may make any kids roll their eyes & go, "Oh, mom," it is completely family-friendly.

There's also a very cool journal that's double ended, so you can each write love notes to each other and leave the journal for your significant other to read (and hopefully reply)
AND, should you desire to give this gift set to someone very special, the set comes with a gorgeous gift bag, suitable for many romantic occasions.
Everything's absolutely beautiful & I can't wait to start using the coupons. I can already say that the "coffee" cups work great at keeping your beverage of choice hot. Even my husband (no girly-man, he) thought the cups were great.

Now, I know you're sitting there drooling, saying to yourself, "Self? How can I get myself one of these?" It's EASY! Go to DaySpring, look for the Mr. & Mrs. Love Collection Set, and order one! The regular price is $35.95, plus shipping, but right now it's on sale for $26.99, plus shipping. And, if you look around the site, you will find Mr. & Mrs. memo pads, which always come in handy - at our house we go through memo pads like chocolate!

Now for the fun part - the giveaway! I am offering to one of my many, devoted readers a $20 online coupon code to DaySpring, which would bring this set down to $6.99 (before shipping). Now, you don't HAVE to buy this set - DaySpring has many gorgeous things, from Christian cards, to gifts, to home decor. And, (in)courage has coupon codes (LOVE25 gets you 25% off through the month of February), which makes it an even better deal!

Here's how to win it: Go to DaySpring, shop around, and tell me one thing you'd LOVE to have - or several - if you're like me, you bargain shop like a maniac! Leave me a comment, and you're entered! Contest closes Friday, Feb. 18 at 5:00 CST. I'll choose the winner next Saturday, Feb. 19, by, and notify you by email. You'll have 48 hours to respond, or sad day! I'll have to choose another winner

You can have extra entries by following my blog through Google Friend Connect (leave me an additional comment telling me so). Follow me on Twitter & tweet about this giveaway (I'm scubagirl1). If you do either of these additional things, be sure to leave me a comment for every one, to be sure you have the right number of entries. (I will check to ensure the tweets, etc. are done.)

I hate to say this, but please play nice. If you don't intend to STAY a follower, then don't join just long enough for this giveaway. I'm just like the rest of you - I'd love more friends, but not fair-weather ones :) So, have fun, share the fun, and maybe you'll win the prize!

FTC lawyer's chorus and disclosure: I was provided all the pictured items for the chance to do a review. BUT, all opinions are mine, and no cash changed hands.