Tuesday, December 9, 2008


This is one of those moment immortalized in "Home Alone" (YOU know - the hands on the cheeks, screaming AAAAHHHH!) I realized this morning that there are only SIXTEEN days until Christmas. Of course, my daughter, HRH, doesn't help, changing the countdown days in our kitchen Santa. She's all about service, that way. So, shopping kicks into high gear "real soon now." At least this weekend. If not sooner. (not)

Time for another introduction of family: daughter #1, who shall be known as PWTH (Party Waiting To Happen). She's one big source of joy. Blonde, green eyes, always happy (unless there've been 3 consecutive days of rain, and then she's S A D). So anyway, PWTH is in college, in her 3rd year. She's about 200 miles away, which is far enough to escape, but not too far not to come home every month. She's about 5'2" tall, and will stand up to ANY guy, no matter their attitude or height (I don't know WHERE she gets this). Good stuff.

So, 2 daughters, 3.75 years apart. And, there are boys on either side of PWTH, just begging to be introduced. Soon. Soon.

Don't forget to donate to the Rebel For a Cause on the right. Don't forget to stop, drop, & relax. It's Christmas. You know, the season of joy. Be joyful.


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  2. There aren't boys on either side of PWTH begging to be introduced! I think you're crazy, and goodness knows where I got That! I kid, I kid!