Thursday, March 8, 2012


You know how, a couple of days ago, I was telling you about our new little kitty, who I love to death, but who really doesn't know I'm alive?  The one who I keep trying to pet and love on, but who scampers away after about 2 minutes?

Yeah, THAT one!  Yesterday, she began acting differently - a LOT differently!  Before this, she would let me brush her briefly, then run away.  Now, she's coming to ME to be rubbed/brushed, all the time "talking."  She doesn't really meow; she "squeaks."  So, she's been squeaking a lot more; last night, she must have waked me up four times by "calling" to us.

Then there's the tail wagging.... or rather, the tail END wagging.  When you start scratching her back, she starts arching it, lifting her hindquarters & tail, and then scratching her back feet a bit. 

See where I'm going with this?  I'm pretty sure that she.  is.  in.  heat.  That hussy.  The worst part?  When we adopted her from the shelter, they told us that she had been spayed.  When our vet checked her out, he said that he THOUGHT that he could feel her scar.  SO, we've been resting easy the past four and a half months.  That party's over!

After talking with the vet & describing her symptoms, we came to the conclusion that she probably was "looking for love."  Our next topic of conversation?  What day & how soon we could get her fixed!  We've done the kitten thing once.  ONCE.  That was enough.  As beautiful as she is, and as cute as kittens are, our house is full.  Plus, she's too little to have babies. 

Wednesday.  March 14.  That's D-Day for her & her uterus.  The irony?  A month ago, she was put under anesthesia to have her front claws removed.  If we had only known .....

Stay tuned as updates occur - and they probably will!

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  1. great photos! I would love it if we followed each other. I'll be following you through GFC!