Tuesday, November 8, 2011

(in)courage and DaySpring strike again!

Update:  OK, so, it's Tuesday, after 6:00, and we have a winner!  The same winner for both prizes.  Because, see, she is the ONLY commenter that I had for this giveaway.  Not rocket science, say I.  SO, "Michelle" is our winner of the $20 Dayspring code, AND the winner of the Holley Gerth book.  I'm emailing her as we speak, & will get the prizes to her forthwith.  YAY!!!

Hi, everyone, it's me, back from the wars!  No, not really, it just seems like it, what with school starting, one wedding down, and another in a couple of weeks!  But we interrupt this so-called life for a much-needed, and well-received, review of another DaySpring product.  See, here's how it works:  as a faithful follower of (in)courage, occasionally I get "gifted" with a product, with the stipulation that I write a review of it.  It's a win-win for everyone, right?  Well, several days ago, Mr. FedEx pulled up to the house, eluded the slobber of our "guard dog" and delivered THIS to me!

Now, this is not my table.  MY breakfast has two laptops on it.  And no apples.  But, in the middle, keeping the laptops warm, is this gorgeous runner.  And it makes the table look SO homey!  Here's another picture to make you want it:

The ends of the runner say this:
And it's completely reversible!  The back is all one fabric, striped horizontally, like the narrow border on the front side.
Here are some details: it's 72"L x 14"W; it's 100% cotton; and you want to hand wash it. Oh, and it's all in shades of wheat, dark wheat, dark cream - Fall colors, you know!  It's on sale right now for $17.49, plus postage & handling, of course. 

So why do I love this so much?  If you knew me at all, you'd know that Fall is my all-time, most favorite season of the year.  Living in northwest Louisiana, we do get seasons, but our summers are brutal, as you might imagine.  Come late September, the humidity drops, the evening sounds change (crickets, rather than cicadas), and the sky deepens to a cerulean blue that makes me stop and say "ahhhh."

So I start decorating for Fall on Labor Day weekend.  Leaves, Fall colors, fruits, you name it.  This table runner sums up everything that is good about Fall:  giving thanks.  Thankfulness for the cooler weather, for the colors of the trees, for the energy that we all get.  Then there's the lead-in for Turkey Day!!!  We're all about giving thanks here.  The runner is an excellent reminder.

Here's the fun part:  A GIVEAWAY!!!!  I will be giving away 2 different prizes this time.  The first one is a $20 coupon code to DaySpring. which you can use on whatever your little heart desires.  YOU must pay postage/shipping/delivery charges (sorry).  The second prize is a book!  Due to unforseen circumstances, and a "situation" with the USPS, I am in possession of a extra copy of Holley Gerth's latest book/devotional, God's Heart for You.  Let me tell you, peeps, this book is a WINNER.  I'm going through it right now, and after the first day, I ordered & sent copies to both of my daughters.  It's that good.  So, I am going to give away my extra copy to one lucky reader.  I'll ship it to you - no charge. 

Here's how to win:  leave me a comment, telling me which gift you'd like.  That's one entry.  If you are currently following me, leave me another comment saying so, or if you begin NOW to follow me, leave me that comment.  But play nice:  don't follow, then drop me - it'll hurt my little feelings, and is just plain rude.  Should you choose to tweet this review, leave me another comment.  Or you can post the link on Facebook, and leave me that comment.  Let's count, shall we?  That's up to 4 entries - not bad odds.  I'll random.org a couple of comments, and notify you ASAP.  You  must then respond within 48 hours, or I'll have to hurt your feelings by drawing another name.  We don't want to do that.  Make sure you leave me your email in your comments, so I can find you!

As today is Tuesday, I'll run the giveaway contest through next Tuesday, Nov. 15.  The cutoff time will be 6:00 p.m., Central Standard Time.  No entries after that, please!  I'll draw the names & notify by email right after that.
That's it - easy, right?  So, check out what DaySpring has got going this month, leave some comments, and you just may win!

(Government/Lawyer's Chorus:  DaySpring provided me with this wonderful table runner for free!  I get to write a review, using opinions that I come up with, myveryownself.  So, no money exchanged hands, and my opinions are just that - mine)


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