Sunday, September 11, 2011

Never Forget

Ten years ago today, I was driving to work, having dropped off several of my kids at school.  All of you have the same kind of story.... something on the news about a plane crashing into a building.  By the time I walked into my office building, which is literally across the river from Barksdale Air Force Base, someone had located a small TV, and we watched as the second plane hit.  The news kept getting worse and worse, until I finally heard the "talking heads" postulate that the Pennsylvania plane was "aiming" at the Capitol in D.C.  That's when I started panicking, and wanted to grab my kids from school, run home, and hide from the world.  I didn't, of course.  That would be silly - but human!  We all calmed down, dealt with the feelings of loss and anger, and watched as President Bush dealt with the situation. 

BTW, I stood in my office parking lot, and watched Bush's Air Force One 747 take off from Barksdale, after he spoke to the nation from the base.  I have friends who lost dear friends in the Pentagon crash.  My sister was on a plane that was grounded when the attacks started.  It took her two days to get home to Virginia, from Chicago, I think.  I didn't lose a loved one, but it still hurts me.  A lot.

Here's what we need to do for the next 10 or 100 years:  wear your good clothes/shoes. Wear that perfume you were saving for special occasions.   Eat dessert first sometimes.  Make and eat cookies a lot more often (we have "Cookie Day" every Sunday afternoon).  Show love to your family as often as possible.  Pray to God.  And, NEVER FORGET!!!!

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