Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Compassion in Shreveport

It's time I came out of the closet - no, not THAT closet. The closet about Compassion. I sponsor a child in India. Yes, THAT India. He's a 5-year old little boy in a village 215 km northeast of Delhi (someone do the conversion for me, please!).

This all started with a blogger I follow, Angie Smith, who started writing about Compassion a couple of months ago. She is, as we speak, over in India, in Kolkata (Calcutta), meeting lots of these little ones. And, of course, raising awareness for sponsoring.

Money's tight right now. For a lot of us. But, you know, once I realized that I had been paying the same amount of money ($38) for a "health club" membership which I had just canceled, the decision became a non-decision. Lots of us can squeeze together that much a month. I don't personally do the coffee bar thing, mainly because I've learned to make those drinks at home & I'm a cheapskate. But there are lots of other areas I can & did cut back.

Thirty-eight dollars. A month. Compassion does it right - and there are kids all over the world needing you. (I may insult someone here) Don't give me the song and dance about kids right here at home needing our help. I know that - trust me, I work with them every day. My answer to you is - ARE you helping them, or is that just your pat answer?

$38. Compassion. They make it easy for you, and it's worth it.

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