Friday, September 20, 2013


Five Minute Friday
Hey, everyone!  Lisa-Jo has a new 5-minute Friday topic for today's post, and the word is "She."  This one is SO easy for me for one good reason - the minute I hear the word "she" stand alone, I immediately think of the movie "Notting Hill."  It's one of my favorite movies, and I wasn't sure why at first - well, other than the Hugh Grant element!  It wasn't until I was partway through my 3rd viewing (NOT marathon viewing), that I realized that this was one of the few movies told through the eyes of the British - there's no American viewpoint at all.  Maybe that's why it's so refreshing.  There's a scene where Hugh Grant's character meets a minor (to me, anyway) character who's American, and the encounter is just jarring - all brash American humor and lack of class.

ANYway, the reason "she" brings this movie to mind, is that they use the Elvis Costello song "She" to great effect during the movie.  It's a great song, and what they do with it in the movie is just stunning.  And the movie has one of the most romantic endings I've ever seen.

Crud!  Time's up!  Go & view the video from Notting Hill.  I've checked, & there are no spoilers, so enjoy

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