Friday, February 10, 2012

Five-Minute Friday: Trust

Lisa-Jo, at The Gypsy Mama, has a 5-minute prompt for a blog post.  This is a new one for me - usually I agonize for 30 minutes or so, making sure all the syntax/grammar/spelling is perfect. 

BUT, the theme is "trust" so I'm trusting that it won't be too awful (that's 1)
I trust that my husband will remember to set the alarm on his side of the bed each night, as I need it to be the first one awake each morning. (2)
I trust that my stove will continue to light, enabling me to cook dinner every night, which is important to me.(3)
I trust that God will continue to provide for us, just as He's done for the past 25+ years (not necessarily the way WE might wish, but always in HIS perfect time). (4)
I trust that even in this economy, my school system will still need me to be one of their psychologists. (5)
I trust that, as 3 of our kids are scattered out of our "nest" (one's in Paris as we speak), God will continue to keep them safe. (6)

That's it!  Five minutes!  Go here and join in the fun!

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  1. hurray for trust ... love the stove one as mine is finicky and the off button doesn't always work!! :)