Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sixteen things you need to know:

I just wrote this to our sophomore-year, college-student, daughter, who's spending a semester in Rome (yes, THAT Rome):

1. Woody came back from Dr. Terry's just as rambunctious as ever, but with a lampshade on his head. Party's at his house!

2. Allie came back from Dr. Terry's not speaking to me - not sure why, as Dad did all the transporting. Time for tuna?

3. Sadie likes me again, but she likes Allie's food better.

4. It's been raining all afternoon, and we're under a tornado watch. Where's Toto?

5. It rained last night a little, but I couldn't hear it in my room. Sad!

6. I made blackberry ice cream; I just THOUGHT that the mint chocolate chip was the best ever.

7. Timothy started looking for the rest of the strawberry ice cream the day you left - 12 hours after you finished it off. Nice timing!

8. Brittney's not been sleeping at night - it was probably her thyroid meds, which were just reduced today.

9. Brittney tricked Richard into eating mushrooms the other day, while avoiding them herself.

10. I tricked both of them into eating nuts in the chicken-breast-stuffing I made last night - they still don't know! And I'm not telling them!

11. Dad & I love you, OH! So much! (shades of Madeline Kahn)

12. I've got 4 1/2 months of work left.... unless I skip out for VBS a little early.

13. Daniel loves you, too.

14. Don't forget that crying works, when you need to get your way - especially if there's a police officer involved.

15. Don't forget to say "Hi" to the Pope for me.
16. You've been waiting for this trip ALL YOUR LIFE! Savor it!

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