Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Update: there is now a much smaller sized button to the right of my post, which makes me feel ever so much better. (thanks for the encouragement, Kami!) But I still haven't been able to create a "grab a button link" so the cry for help is still out there!

Bear with me, sports fans. I'm in the midst of trying to add my own button and a "grab a button" link to my blog and it's. not. working.!!!! I can't get the picture sized small enough to "fit" within the sides of the template. I changed the template, which made it look a little better (wasn't cutting off my button so much), but the button's HUGE. Not the way it needs to look. If ANYone has some suggestions to help me, I welcome them. Obviously the code I'm using is OK, as the picture is showing up, but I can't get PhotoBucket to resize the picture so I don't look like a megalomaniac. (it's a good word. look it up)

Anyone? Anyone?


  1. I really wish I could help ... but sometimes I am computer less-than-smart! :)

    Hoping you figure it out soon!

  2. Here's a link that I used to create a button for a Summer Sewing School we're hosting. http://bloggingwithamy.com/how-to-make-a-blog-button/

    Thanks for visiting my blog. If I ever find a source for really inexpensive almonds I'll have to try them in my pesto.