Tuesday, September 14, 2010

National Day of Encouragement, part deux

Don't faint, guys - I know this is twice in one week to post! I had to share the disposition of my penultimate (it's a good word - look it up) encouraging card from DaySpring. Most of the cards found their perfect home with people at church, but there was one.... hmm.... it was SPECIAL. It details how life is hard, how the recepient is handling it, then it opens up & BAM! Encouragement! This may not be the best description, so you can see it here.

Today, I left this card, along with a handwritten line about how she's STILL doing a great job, for my boss to find in her mailbox at work. Sucking up, you say? Not in the least. School started almost a month ago, and in that time, she has lost ten employees, out of 55, to either retirement, long-term bereavement leave, promotion, or just plain "I'm mad about my assignments, so I'm going home for a semester." Kinda makes her job hard to do, you know?

So, I left her the card. Just so she knows that SOMEone out there cares, and knows she's trying as hard as she can. If you want to call that sucking up, OK. I call it encouragement.


  1. Thanks for your comment. We actually use EVOO for almost everything, including the potatoes.. I can't wait to try the rosemary.

    I do lots of other fun recipes, I'd love to see you back again!


  2. Hi! Thanks for linking in mybloghop! I follow you now!;)

  3. New follower from No Rules Saturday hop! And I call it encouragement also. Sometimes we just don't realize how much it means to another person to get some encouragement, no matter how big or little it may be!