Tuesday, November 10, 2009

What's Wrong With This Picture???

Dear Mr. Gore,

(as in Al - the global warming "guru" who lives in a house which sucks up enough energy to power a small planet)

I believe that I have found the solution to our problem of "climate change" - you see, here in the TRUE South, it's often easier to leave your car running, thus making it "easier" to cool back down once you get back into it after your errand or whatever.

Before I offer my solution, which I assure you is fail-safe, and will offend no one, I offer as Exhibit A the CAUSE for all this so-called warming:

Take a close look, friends..... this guy is sleeping in a running car. I exited my car in a local shopping center to do a little..... shopping (go figure). I noticed this individual in the car next to me - a rather new Chevy Tahoe, sleeping away, WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING. I went into the store (Barnes & Noble, the finest bookstore within reach), made my purchases (books, duh), and came back out to my car. The time elapsed (I checked) was 30 minutes. That's half an hour, people.

This guy was STILL asleep, STILL with the engine running, and, with the AC STILL running.

Thirty minutes. Car running, AC running, guy sleeping. Can anyone say "HEY, STUPID?????"

And it's not the first time I've seen it, either. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a store & walked by someone sitting in a car, engine & AC running, for eons, while someone else is inside the store, "shopping."

It's not rocket science, friends
- car running = CO and CO2 into the air. CO & CO2 accumulate in the atmosphere, creating - let's all say it together - GLOBAL WARMING!

So, mr. gore, here's the solution: a little gadget that shuts off a car after it's been running in idle/park/neutral for 5 minutes. This eliminates the cars that are stopped at red lights, or a train crossing, or are pulled over to pick up a little darling from school.

Eliminate the cars running excessively, no more global warming!

Plus, our fuel consumption will go way down, because everyone who drives will be forced to get out & get back without wasting nearly as much gas.


George W. Bush (you know, the one you lost the election to?)

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