Monday, May 11, 2009

Not Me! Monday!

Hey, guess what! It's time for Not Me! Monday! again. That time of the week when we emulate MckMama and confess all our failings to each other. Or our triumphs. I'm easy.

Yesterday, I did not aid and abet in the elimination of 2, count them, TWO snakes. Said reptiles were truly NOT at my house, for the record. They were captured at - not in - a house way down the street. But, my daughter, HRH, & I certainly did not drive down to the house with a revolver not-loaded with snake shot. We did not spend 15 minutes or so nailing down (so to speak) the identification of the snakies. For the record, they were non-poisonous, but the family has little kids. And these snakes were LONG. And they bite. So I did not provide my now-loaded revolver to the man of the house, who promptly did not shoot the stuffings out of the snakes. And rejoicing did not spread throughout the land.
On a lighter note, I did not have a most marvelous Mother's Day, with a nice meal, and a movie in the afternoon. Indiana rocks! And I certainly did not celebrate it with two hot, gooey, chocolate chip cookies hand-baked by my husband. I had not mixed up the dough a week ago, with plans to have an occasion bake-off when the mood strikes. And it certainly did not strike yesterday!
How about you guys? What have you NOT done this week? Confess!


  1. Ugh! Snakes freak me out. More power to you! :o)

  2. I hate them too! Any time I see one, I do the "dance." YOU know, the high-stepping, run in place, and shriek dance!

  3. Yuck!! I hate snakes. But now I know who to call if I ever find a snake in my yard. :) Your neighbor is lucky to have you.

  4. You're in New York? Call Ghostbusters - the commute's gotta be closer!

  5. Snakes?! It made my skin crawl to even read about them!
    Agreed, your neighbor is lucky to have you!
    My family made me chocolate chip cookies yesterday. Yummm. I had some for breakfast this morning.

  6. Love your "Not Me"s...

    I most certainly did not squirm in my chair when I read the word snakes and I also did not do a silent cheer when I found out said snakes were dead!

  7. When I lived in Virginia I foud a water moccasin on top of my woodpile,I did not take him out with a .22 You got to do what you got to do..:)
    Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  8. Yeah, I'm not going to come home if that's what's waiting for me when I do. Save for the chocolate chip cookies part, that is!

  9. TRUST me! It was NOT at our house. It was next door to the house of cats, 2 doors towards us from Marianna's old house!

  10. If I ever find a, eeek, SNAKE in my house I hope someone will shoot the stuffings out of it for me ... ICK.

    Coming by via MckMamas!
    Great post!
    Happy Monday!

    Blessings ~ Heather at

  11. Ooooo I'll have to do a post about my snake-shooting experience!! Thanks for the memory!

    Stop by and see what I didNOT do this past week!

    (oh ... those cookies made MY mouth water)